When looking for the best Bitcoin mining software, it is best to know what you need and what to look for. The only way to know what you need is to understand first of all the purpose of such software.

Bitcoin Mining Software

Bitcoin mining software is what is available to a user who wants to connect to hardware that runs the actual programs connecting the Bitcoin mining pool. The cryptocurrency network runs on technology that connects all users to databases that are connected to each other with different admins and companies.

Use of Software

This software helps you keep up to date with your balances and any transactions you may desire to make including purchasing or selling Bitcoins. Adding past purchases or “blockchains” as it is also called to the ledger makes the transaction verified and public. It takes an average of 10 minutes for 1 Bitcoin to be mined to an investor. Bitcoins are added to the network at an average of 12.5 BTC per block. Blocks are the name given to the number of Bitcoins added at any particular period. The name is given due to the appearance of a block when added.

Bitcoin Mining Expenses

Bitcoin has become a big business, which means there are lots of big players in the game. It is expensive to mine for coins due to the high cost of equipment and the cost to run that equipment. This has left many who couldn’t afford the cost to leave the mining market, which has an effect on the performance of the BTC. Many times when investors are forced out because of expenses, the price of the BTC usually falls rapidly.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software

At present, there are about 7 various ways to use software that is used for mining Bitcoins. Those chosen are based on these 7 ways to make mining a success. These tools will be shown in their specific category with only the best ranked shown.

#1. CGMiner is the Best Overall Mining Tool.

CGMiner is software that can be used in various operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The script is based on CPU Miner’s original code. It is used to detect when new blocks are added to the network so they can be mined. If you know anything about doing prompt commands on windows, it has a similar format to that.

#2. BFGMiner is Excellent for Customization.

This software is similar to CGMiner in some ways, especially in appearance. It is however considered a better tool for customizing your searches to suit your needs.

#3. MultiMiner is Great for Ease of Use Experience

This software works well on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It looks more like a file explorer page and allows users to easily choose the coins they want to mine. It works using the BFGMiner software.

#4. Awesome Miner is Best for All Your Mining Needs in One Place.

This software allows you to manage up to 200,000 mining operations at any given time. It supports CPU, ASIC, and GPU, so it’s a very viable alternative. Its user face appearance looks more like a Linux format. Its web interface can be reached from any device.

#5. Miner Server is the Best for Cloud-based Use.

This software focuses exclusively on mining for Bitcoins. Its appearance is very old fashioned compared to modern-day standards. Despite the look, the software is the best cloud-based system you can use for mining.

#6. EasyMiner is Best for Using Many Tools with a GUI Front-End.

This software works with GUI and CPU operating systems. It has a very colorful interface and mines for a variety of cryptocurrencies. It is free to use and can be downloaded directly to your device, even android.

#7. BitMinter is the Best for Using Various Platforms at Once.

This software has its own mining pool, something none of the rest of the software platforms on this list does at present. The use of a cross-platform and its capability with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X make it an excellent tool.
Those mentioned above are the best choices you will find at this time for successful mining. Mining is big business, so anyone who plans to give it a go should be ready for the costs that come along with such a venture.