The month of March saw many investors fuming as scammers used a number of websites and software to rob investors of about $45,000 according to a tweet from Harry Denley who is a security specialist. He said this was first picked up on March 22nd, but since then he has found more information. What started out as two domains is now seen as a network of nine or even more. The scammers used malicious QR code generators to steal the Bitcoins over a period of time.
Denley tweeted:

Be careful of fake #Bitcoin QR code generators – these ones have had ₿4.9 gone through the current activate address


Address: 343CXYVBKXT2VgELCdjEeMyPpfiKwkzUNg ($BTC)

IP hosting suspicious domains

He identified a major network that probably isn’t the only one being used to steal coins as this has happened before. It is likely that many investors will now be on their guard, monitoring who they do business with. Denley believes the network is owned by the same person, who is using his expertise to capitalize on major weaknesses in the system effectively.

Cointelegraph listed the malicious websites and here is the list below:,,,,,,,, and

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