A recent conversation on Twitter between a user named Burnsbe and Peter Brandt has created serious discussion about Bitcoin’s purpose of existence and how much longer it will survive in the market. There has been quite a bit of doomsday talk about Bitcoin by many investors and analysts.

Peter Brandt is a commodity trading expert who has been in the business for a long time. He doesn’t predict when the market will crash, he just believes that it will. Some analyst believe that Bitcoin will continue to do well, especially with the U.S. government bail out stimulus package. This was what the conversation looked like:


Do you agree that $btc has about 24 month to show why it was invented? If not now then when? @TuurDemeester @PeterLBrandt

Peter Brandt

I do not personally think BTC even has that much time to declare itself true or false.

The belief is that BTC can go to zero, something doesn’t seem plausible at this point. Yet many specialist in the trading fraternity think it is coming. One of the biggest factors they believe will cause this plunge is the current crisis. Brandt doesn’t think that BTC will be able to survive it.

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