Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, made a prediction in January of 2020. He had written that he was expecting cryptocurrencies to become more secure when doing online transactions.

He wrote:

I think we’ll also see privacy integrated into one of the dominant chains in the 2020s.

His previous comments were highlighted after Monero made better gains than Bitcoin, even though BTC broke the $7,000 mark. Monero, unlike BTC is a cryptocurrency that offers way more security and is compared using a secure browser instead of an unsecured one.

Armstrong put it this way, he said:

Just like how the internet launched with HTTP, and only later introduced HTTPS as a default on many websites, I believe we’ll eventually see a privacy coin or blockchain with built in privacy features get mainstream adoption in the 2020s. It doesn’t make sense in most cases to broadcast every payment you make on a transparent ledger.

Looking into what caused the sudden surge in price, there was speculation as to what may have caused the spike. The rise happened shortly after Monero’s software was updated. The software helps with transaction experience, making it more reliable and faster.

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