Osho Jha is a specialist in the crypto currency world is well known for his observations when it comes to investing and data science. He runs a technology company so it would be fiiting that he kknow what he is talking about.

He recently made a comment about what the United States government was implementing to make a last ditvh effort to save the crumbling economy. The world has been paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic and it is seen in the deaths of thousands, but also in the stock market. Osho Jha had this to say about what the government was doing and he shared his view.

“This Liquidity Crunch and ensuing government intervention is laying the foundation for Bitcoin’s adoption as a safe haven” he said.

Could this really be true? A few days earlier the government declared it would pump $1 trillion into the stock market, it worked for one day, but the next day stocks began to plummet. Even though Bitcoin maybe doing well with the current state of things, it still remains volatile to a sudden drop in price.

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