In the near future, you may see cryptocurrencies used in a more tangible way. One cryptocurrency exchange company will be implementing a rewards program that allows clients to use coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To allow such a platform to be developed security measures will be fully implemented to stop scammers from putting the plan at risk.

KuCoin Global CEO, Johnny Lyu said:

We are focused on assisting brands and other enterprises to easily obtain the cryptocurrencies they require for their business, without the need to internally employ experienced traders to pursue the complex task of purchasing significant amounts of tokens.

This information comes at a time when Gold continues to rise and Bitcoin dances on the charts. Bitcoin has often be compared to gold and in some areas, it is being traded for gold. This new system will benefit traders and investors in a big way and could see cryptocurrencies increase in strength.

ETHProtect is a software that specializes in securely removing bad wallets, assuring all involved that it is safe to use the currency just as you would cash or gold. This release noted:

We are happy to announce the release of ETHPROTECT. Integrated directly into Etherscan it lets you know in advance if an address is potentially ‘Tainted’ so that you can better protect yourself and avoid unexpected surprises.

It appears that most companies will do their part to make sure that cryptocurrency is here to stay, such a move could benefit the interest of Bitcoin and other currencies who have been seeing a constant bearish and bullish trend since the year began.

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