Paxful CEO Ray Youssef made a recent declaration that could change the way Bitcoin trades. There was now a great opportunity for traders to do peer to peer trading with Bitcoin for gold. Interestingly these two trading components were often compared to each other with gold investors saying Bitcoin was destined to fail. This could change things now as the process has become official, Youssef made it clear that the practice wasn’t new. He said that users on his platform were already making it happen.

Youssef told CoinDesk:

Our users were already starting to do this on quite a large scale. We weren’t aware of it because it was difficult to track. We actually had to go in and talk to people.

His outlook was based on the constant communication he made with clients and patterns that he was aware of.
He added:

I’m always interacting with the customers because I want my ears glued to the street.

He also made it clear that the world wasn’t controlled by the West despite the reality that it affected how the world reacts.

Youssef said:

The west is not the entirety of the world,” Youssef said. “The vast majority of humans are outside of the west in emerging markets and they are hungry, they’re not going to let anything stop them – COVID-19, Ebola, they don’t give a damn, they’re going to continue to do business.

Youssef was certain that P2P won’t be affected by a pandemic or any other issue that may arise. His comments share the sentiments of many countries and persons. The old world survived many a millennium before the western world became a dominant region.

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