We all have heard about so many from-rags-to-riches stories, and they are truly inspiring. It’s amazing how those people made it to the top despite all the struggles and challenges that came their way. Do you know how Jeff Bezos made his billions? It’s because of his internet business – Amazon, which is now the leading online shop in the United States. The online world is, indeed, very useful, especially for those individuals who are aiming to land an excellent opportunity.

You too can do the same. If you are a newbie in the crypto space, and you are kinda getting discouraged because you are not earning as much Bitcoins as you expected, cheer up! As long as you are determined to succeed, you will definitely get there.

Have you even heard about the “Bitcoin Billionaires”? It’s a book that tells the success story of the identical twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. And yes, they got their fortune from cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin Billionaires Book

This popular book was written by Ben Mezrich, narrating how the brothers finally got their names included on the list of people who have made their crypto fortunes. The twins were so excited when the author interviewed them. And sure enough, the book also became a hit, inspiring other crypto enthusiasts to follow the same path. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon and other stores.

The Story

Before Tyler and Cameron started their Bitcoin journey, they had a huge fight with Mark Zucherberg, the founder of Facebook. The twins sued Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their idea of creating the said social media network. After the brawl, they ended up getting a settlement amounting to 65 million dollars.

And the story begins…

The Winklevoss brothers tried their best to look for something where they could invest their money in. However, they had a hard time finding one because of what happened between them and Zuckerberg. They then took off to Ibiza to heal their wounds, and this is where their lives started to change.

During their stay in Spain, they met somebody who introduced cryptocurrency to them. At first, they were skeptical since the market then were so young that they were afraid that their money will just go waste. But still, they decided to make a bet.

They then met Charlie Shrem, the owner of BitInstant. At the time, the business was just a startup. Tyler and Cameron invested in it, and the shop started accepting Bitcoins as payments. When the Winklevoss initially bought Bitcoin shares, it was only trading at $120. But in 2017, that jumped to $10,000 per coin, and that gave the twins their huge break. They were then crowned as the Bitcoin Billionaires.

The Lesson

You can pick up a lot of lessons from the book. One, if you don’t take the risk, you will never know what will happen. Two, challenges will make you stronger and as long as you take them positively, they will make you a better person, more determined to succeed no matter what.